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Social Media

We enhance experiences to bring brands closer to their customers. An integral part of this is embedding social media within the experiences we are creating.

At the heart of what we do

We know social media platforms are integral to brands and having worked with a range of clients, so we understand how to integrate and maximise the channels from concept to execution.

Examples of where we have innovatively used these channels include closed Facebook groups for staff training and engagement covering the following:

- McDonald’s Champion Crew
- Castrol EURO 2012 & FWC 2014
- Twitter strategy for WSFF that resulted in their events being amplified

Our services include

Creative concepts

Creativity is central to everything we do. So, whether it is using digital amplification,  embracing new technology or wanting advice on how to simply do things differently, we have the know-how.

Listening and moderation

We have the ability to monitor the effect of social media campaigns through various tools that track elements such as  brand mentions.

Measurement & ROI

With all our projects, we produce post event evaluation and guest feedback. As part of this, we can include social media tracking using analytics. This is an essential element for our clients when analysing ROI.

Social campaigns

We can integrate social media as part of the projects we create, to ensure our clients are amplifying experiences and gaining maximum exposure for their brand.