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Imperial Incentive Programs

Create incentive program

To deliver an exclusive UK  incentive reward programme for Imperial’s Argentina sales force. Incorporating the brewing  industry whilst combining highlights of the UK & Ireland.

Kempster created and  delivered 2 VIP trips across London, Dublin & Edinburgh. Showcasing the best of the UK tourist & sport attractions.

The result

“Thanks Kempster, it was Just Perfect”  – Imperial Brand Manager

Some of our other work


Launch of the new Samsonite Black Label X’Lite

Kempster negotiated a partnership between Samsonite and the Powerboat P1 Grand Prix

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Sky Sports

Create incentives for Sky Sports viewers & subscribers

To deliver exclusive experiences and brand relevant promotions for Sky

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London gala dinners

2 gala dinners where Cyberonics could host evening dinner talks with Doctors from around the world attending an exhibition at Excel

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