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Launch the new Samsonite Black Label X’Lite to the International press

New product launch

Kempster negotiated an innovative partnership between Samsonite and the Powerboat P1 Grand Prix. The sleek design, agility and strength of the powerboats perfectly reflected the groundbreaking Curv™ technology of X’Lite as well as the jetsetter lifestyle of its target market.

The event encapsulated the new premium Samsonite brand image and provided a newsworthy platform for press coverage.

The result

30+ Fashion editors from around the world attended and participated.

Samsonite secured significant exposure in key titles in all its preferred territories from Europe to the US and Asia.

Some of our other work


Global product launch across the MaxFactor brand

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The Football League

Five-a-side tournament

A post-season five-a-side tournament at Upton Park for 16 teams, including a post event dinner and awards ceremony

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Capital One

Cup Final, Wembley Stadium 2013 & 2014

Worked with the Football League and Capital One to provide a unique Final experience for VIP guests and prize winners.

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